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Dr. Coffman - Veterinarian

Having focused his career on dogs and cats, Doctor Coffman has a passion for small animal medicine. In his free time, he enjoys family RV trips, Patriots season and checking off his bucket list! When not doing house calls, you can find Dr. Coffman at either Marlboro Animal Hospital or Berlin Animal Hospital.


Anna - Receptionist

Anna is the senior receptionist at the Marlboro Animal Hospital. After having spent time living in Germany, Anna has settled into the Marlboro area with her fiancee Lindsey. She likes relaxing after work with her 2 cats, Pinecone and Jackie.

Kristin - Technician

Kristin enjoys staying active in the pitbull rescue community, and has been a technician since 2002. Doing double duty training and fostering pitbulls, along with raising her own dogs Dylan and Wallaby, she is an animal lover, through and through.