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We would like to welcome you to House Call Vets of MetroWest. We are a full service Mobile Veterinary practice focused on preventative and surgical care. Beyond offering our clients the gold standard in veterinary medicine, we offer the convenience of having your animal seen in the comfortable, friendly atmosphere of their home, so your pet can relax and look forward to meeting their doctor. 

HCVMW has other unique features that separate it from other house call veterinarians. As a division of Dals-N-Pals Inc., we have the ability, with multiple fully-staffed hospital facilities at our disposal, to always be there when you need us to be. Fully staffed Monday-Saturday, Doctors and Technicians will be there for any medical issues or appointment requests you have, without long wait times for a return call.

Additionally since every animal will eventually need a surgical procedure, such as routine spay/neuters, dental cleanings or xrays, the same friendly doctors and staff that your animal has been familiar with at your home, will be the ones handling your animal's care in the clinical setting.

So please look around our website, check out our convenient online pharmacy, and discover the many ways House Call Vets of Metrowest is truly the number one choice in house call Veterinarians for you and your family.